Thursday, December 31, 2009

Horseman recalls Pony Express centennial - Full Article

by Ken Newton
Thursday, December 31, 2009

Lee Shifflett tells the simple story of a man and his horse.

He would be the man, and Tony Boy would be the horse. But the story also has 55 other horses and 51 other riders. Plus 31 vehicles, a parade of horse trailers, a veterinarian, a press contingent and a trailing truckload of picked litter.

Trying to keep this circus in motion, the sleepless horseman also had to dispel rumors of a roped antelope.

Oh, yeah, and revisit history.

"They thought I was crazy," Mr. Shifflett says, "and they had me convinced I was crazy."

History recalls Johnny Fry as the first westbound rider of the Pony Express, departing St. Joseph on April 3, 1860. One hundred years later, give or take a few hours, Lee Shifflett mounted Tony Boy with a mochila of mail and headed for the Great Plains.


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