Thursday, April 29, 2010

Local Rider/Horse Duo Hits Endurance Milestone - Full Article

April 29, 2010

Kelly Carper Polden, a local resident, equestrian, author and communications consultant, and her Arabian horse CC Hershey Bar, reached a milestone in the American Endurance Riders Conference (AERC, by successfully completing five 50-mile endurance races in the past 12 months. Kelly and Hershey were awarded with their 250-mile AERC patches in April.

"I am so proud of Hershey," Kelly said. "He is only six years old and is already proving his incredible strength and endurance. Hershey is a ‘Badlands-raised endurance horse’ from the Cedar Coulee Ranch in North Dakota. His sire, Derby Whirl, is now a premiere stallion in Switzerland. Hershey is taking after his sire in strength and musculature. Our fastest 50-mile time to date is five hours 17 minutes and 32 seconds — and I haven’t even let turn on full power yet! Hershey has so much potential and I look forward to many hundreds of miles of riding with my equine partner."

Kelly and her husband Howard Polden are on the ride management team, along with Ride Manager Scott Godwin of Dripping Springs, for the first endurance event in this area. The Old Glory Endurance Event is scheduled Memorial Weekend, May 29-30 at the historic Storm Ranch near Dripping Springs. The event includes 25-mile and 50-mile endurance races on Saturday and Sunday, as well as a 15-mile introductory ride each day for those who want to enjoy the ranch and get a taste of what endurance riding is all about. For more information check out the website at

In addition to being an endurance rider, Kelly is an author. She recently signed a contract with Arcadia Publishing, the leading local history publisher in the United States, to author a book entitled Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park. The book is scheduled for release in December 2010 and will commemorate the 2011 grand opening of the Texas White House at LBJ Ranch.

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