Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Velcro'd on the Inside of my Helmet - Karen Kohler

.....another bit of information. I've been meaning to share this idea with
my fellow equine enthusiasts....
*I have a MEDICAL & EMERGENCY INFORMATION card Velcro'd to the inside of my
helmet.* On the outside of my helmet above the visor I have a laminated
label Velcro'd on that says "Emergency info. inside helmet"
I made this card up, after riding with a good friend, who got a head injury
and I couldn't tell the EMT's anything about the person I was riding with
except her cell phone #. I was so freaked out, I couldn't even remember her
husband's name, where he worked, were she lived, etc.
My card is the size of a business card, printed on bright orange paper and
laminated. The print is *very* small.

*Info. on my card:*
Name, birth date, last 4 numbers of my social security # (ie: xxx-xx-1234)
Street address, Drivers Lic. #
City, State, home phone#, cell phone #
4)Spouse name, his employer, hours & phone#
5)Spouse cell #
6)Secondary emergency contact info.
7)Health Ins. name
8)Health Ins. phone #'s for approval
9)policy # , group #, I.D#
10)Emergency transportation Insurance:
11)Capital Fire Med policy#...... , Life Flight policy#
12)Rx: (Prescriptions herbal supplements I take):
13)Surgeries: (I've had & dates)
14)Allergies: need for EPI pen
15)Primary care Dr. name and phone#

I even have a card taped to the back of my drivers license.....
The first time I needed to use my card, I just took off my helmet, removed
the card and handed it the EMT asking all the questions. Really nice when
you can't think straight, due to pain and other EMT's asking about various
body parts.... "Does this hurt?"
I've had to use the card taped to my drivers license and the card in my

Happy Trails and STAY SAFE!!!
Karen Kohler

Advice from a horse:
Take life's hurdles in stride, loosen the reins, keep stable,
be free spirited, carry your friends when they need it,
keep the burs from under your saddle, spur yourself onto greatness.


Anonymous said...

I also carry something very similar in my fanny pak that is always around my body when I ride. But one bit of info I have on my card is a small pix of my horse and his physical description. That way if I get dumped/hurt and my horse heads for the hills, at least there is info about him that can be reported to authorities in case he is found. I also have an ID tag attached to his bridle...


Bakersfield Dressage said...

I wear a Road ID bracelet from roadid.com. It is a velcro band with a metal medical ID. You can customize the band to say anything that you want. I also have a message on the bracelet saying, "look for horse" in case we become separated.