Thursday, October 14, 2010

Australia: Endurance riders winning top awards

13 Oct, 2010 09:36 AM

Kylie Jonkers who lives at Broula just out of Cowra took part in her first 160km ride at the NSW State Championships held at Woodstock recently.

Her mother Linda rode the same stallion at the Shahzada memorial 400kms in August successfully.

Sarah Lymbery from Wagga Wagga was the second junior in the 160kms State Champions, her first attempt at a longer ride.

Lymbery won the rug donated by Cowra Machinery Centre and her horse Garonne Park Tiara also won the Junior Best Conditioned rug donated which was

donated by Jon-de-le Arabians.

The third placed Middleweight rug was donated by Helen and Alan Lindsay of Kintamani Arabians at Cowra and this was won by Kristie Tapprell of Castlebar Endruance Arabians riding Castlebar Dolittle.

During the weekend Kristie won the South Australian Championships 160kms and also recently won the FEI Australian Championships 160 in Queensland at Kenilworth.

The fourth Middleweight rug donated by Beechers Wool Services of Cowra was won by Jennifer Gilbertson of Webbs Creek.

The first Lightweight rug donated by Cowra Tyrepower was won by Carol Layton riding Omani Mr Sqiggle.

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