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A Girl And Her Horse Take A Cross-Country Trip

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By WBNG News
October 23, 2010

Binghamton, NY (WBNG Binghamton) - A girl and her horse showed up in Binghamton today after a long journey that began nearly eight months ago.

Most people don't usually think about riding a horse all the way across the country but one girl has done just that and is encouraging others to follow their dreams.

On March 1st, 29-year-old Linny Kenney and her horse Sojourner began a coast to coast journey.

They took off from Los Angeles and Binghamton marks the near finale of their 3,400-mile trek.

Kenney says this has been a dream of her's since she was a little girl, getting her first horse at the age of 10.

5 years ago, her parents got a divorce, and that's why she rides.

"It's really just about endurance and getting through hard times and I try to focus on the good things that can come out of difficult times," said Kenney.

She rides in celebration of strong families and those dealing with divorce-related depression.

Kenney invited long time friend Walter Rowland along for the ride, and her four-legged friend has brought strangers together during their trip.

"You know he's an incredible wall breaker with people I mean just today we were riding through town and two neighbors met each other for the first time because a horse was in front of the house and it's been that way you know examples of that across the whole country," said Kenney.

Just a girl, a boy, and a horse. On the ride of a lifetime.

In Binghamton, Lindsay Nielsen, WBNG-TV Action News.

To keep track of where Kenney and Rowland are on their cross-country trip, go to

Sunday, they begin a 375 mile ride to their last stop in New Hampshire.

WBNG News: Link to full article and video

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