Thursday, November 18, 2010

Camaraderie Is Best Part Of Endurance Riding Sport - Full Article


Most of our articles are written on ride results and the competing portion of this sport. Well, I’m going to write about what it takes to become a true endurance rider. To some, endurance is all about the win, but to others it is a gathering of old friends and a great place to meet new ones. Not only do we consider each other as close friends, but family as well. An endurance family. We all get a kick out of each others stories of getting to the ride such as: “Yeah, I blew four trailer tires on the way here,” or “It took me an hour to catch my horse, sorry I’m late!” or the classic, “Wow! That’s a four beer road! I should get a completion for just getting here!” We give each other support, help and knowledge that isn’t easily forgotten.

It all starts with pulling into the ride, setting up and being greeted by our friends. For some of us, setting up is more of a challenge than it is for others. When it comes to parking, some people put a lot of effort into levelling their trailer while others don’t care if they park on a hill. Fencing comes next — from simple panels to tangled hot wire, or even just tying to the trailer. Next, we go register, which usually results in a long conversation about marking trail with the ride manager.

Once registered it’s time to grab your horse and head to the vet. Vetting is a great time to talk about your horse. We all know we love talking about our horses!...

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