Tuesday, November 23, 2010

EasyCare's 'Give Back to AERC' Campaign Almost Complete

Tuesday November 23, 2010

EasyCare Inc. and the American Endurance Ride Conference are delighted with the success of the unique 'EasyCare's Give Back to AERC' campaign.

"The 2010 ride year will draw to a close this week and the participation by our membership to generate funds for AERC has been astounding," said Kathleen Henkel, Executive Director of AERC. "By the time the 2010 ride season ends on November 30 and the mileage totals have been submitted and tallied, we anticipate EasyCare will have contributed more than $11,000 in new and unbudgeted funds to AERC. That will be the third largest sponsorship in AERC's 39-year history."

The total sum will represent cumulative mileage totals in the 2010 EasyCare Hoof Boot Contest well in excess of 41,000 competition miles, approximately twice the 2009 year total of 21,301 miles. "We wanted to help AERC at a time when the organization needed it most," said Garrett Ford, EasyCare's President and CEO. "The idea came to me during a race early in the season and it seemed like the perfect solution to provide support for the organization while building awareness of the EasyCare brand."

The concept was simple: EasyCare paid AERC 25 cents for every AERC mile completed in EasyCare hoof boots. Any and all AERC sanctioned distances counted towards total rider mileage. For example, if a registered rider completed an AERC sanctioned 50-mile event in Easyboots, EasyCare submitted $12.50 to AERC.

The partnership between Easyboot and AERC goes back as early as 1972, when nuclear physicist Dr. Neel Glass conducted his own test of the Original Easyboot in endurance riding. Other riders were beginning to use Easyboots to replace lost shoes in such rides.

The Easyboot of today uses updated technology. Now the best-selling horse hoof boot in the world, the Easyboot Glove is a form-fitting, seamless boot designed to hug the hoof and respond like a natural foot. Flexible and tough, this boot adds traction to the hoof while allowing free stride and early breakover. The material stretches over the hoof and clings to the wall so that debris stays out of the boot even through sandy, wet and muddy conditions. The absence of external hardware makes the hoof boot virtually maintenance free.

Participating riders should submit their miles to the EasyCare offices by December 31 to complete their participation in the 2010 EasyCare Gives Back to AERC Campaign.

Easyboot is the official hoof boot of AERC.

For more information on the campaign, please contact Kevin Myers, Director of Marketing at kmyers@easycareinc.com or 520-297-1900 X 2238. For more information on EasyCare Inc. please visit easycareinc.com or blog.easycareinc.com.

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