Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Great Britain: Golden Horseshoe Ride introduces new family class

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Martha Terry
1 February, 2011

Endurance riders will tackle new routes at this year's Golden Horseshoe Ride on Exmoor (15-17 May), with organiser Barbara Wigley hoping that leading partnerships will use the 160k (100 miles) class en route to selection for the European Championships.

"The 160km class is possibly the most demanding on the British calendar and is ideally suited to riders looking towards international competition," said Mrs Wigley.

Home International chef d'equipe Maggie Pattinson said she would encourage all top riders to compete.

"Years ago, people would head to Exmoor to get some hard work under their belts," she said. "We've gone through a phase of being a bit soft and worried the horse might break — but we've got to see if these horses are fit enough..."

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