Tuesday, February 08, 2011

US Endurance Chef d'Equipe Position


Endurance Chef d'Equipe - United States Equestrian Federation, Inc. (Lexington, KY)


Short Term--

* Assess training needs of riders interested in competing in international competitions and develop clinics based on those needs;
* Develop and implement a training program for ranked riders and their horses ;
* Prepare riders to compete in the 2011 Pan American Championship with the goal of implementing those strategies in preparing a team for World Endurance Championships

Long Term--

* Assist the High Performance Committee in the development and implementation of the Endurance Strategic Plan with the primary goal of winning a team medal with Individual placements in the top ten in World Endurance Championships.


Assist the Endurance High Performance Committee in developing a program that will:

* Promote interest and participation in international/FEI endurance competitions;
* Educate and train riders who are interested in competing in international/FEI competitions. This will include developing clinics and sourcing clinicians who can provide the necessary training and education in areas such as horse physiology, classical riding skills, nutrition, horseshoeing, and race strategy.
* Prepare horses and riders for the 2011 Pan American Championship that can be built upon for future World Championships;
* Prepare horses and riders to win team medals with individual placements in the top ten at World Championships;
* Develop fair, effective, transparent selection procedures;
* Develop an annual budget in conjunction with the Endurance Director that supports the program’s goals.

In addition, the Chef d’ Equipe will:

* Train riders named to the Ranked List through personal coaching and through clinics with the assistance of clinicians in the areas of horse physiology, classical riding skills, nutrition, horseshoeing, and race strategy in preparation for designated international/FEI competitions for which USEF will select individuals and/or a team to compete;
* Attend selection events each year in order to promote, coach, and make selection recommendations for upcoming competitions;
* Review horse and rider performance with the rider after each selection event, and send a report to the selectors after each selection event;
* Maintain records of communications with athletes;
* Work in conjunction with the Endurance High Performance Committee and the Endurance Director to meet the goals of the program;
* Exercise the judgment and discretion in the manner and means necessary to accomplish the goals of the job.


* A thorough knowledge of the Policies and Procedures and organizational structure of the United States Equestrian Federation;
* The will to win;
* Proven leadership ability;
* Ability to communicate timely and effectively both verbally and in written form with riders and others as necessary and especially during a competition;
* Ability to successfully work with athletes, officials, veterinarians, and fellow USEF staff members.
* Excellent people skills with an ability to coach, motivate, and direct riders;
* A well organized individual with the ability to direct a progressive endurance program in conjunction with of the Director of Endurance;
* Foresight and vision to develop and nurture an endurance program that will result in the winning of medals at international competitions.
* A strong understanding and knowledge of endurance and a superior understanding of race strategy.
* A true horseman with the basic understanding to the physiology, nutrition, training and conditioning of endurance horses;
* Approachable by the athletes and others and forthcoming with advise;
* Able to think strategically on a national and international level;
* Ability to foster talent;
* Provide the assurance that no personal conflicts exist that may hinder the candidate’s ability to perform the job.


* Ideally this position will be filled by June 1, 2011 providing a qualified candidate is found.
* The position will last through the 2014 World Equestrian Games.
* This job description is subject to change dependent upon the individual candidate’s qualifications and skills.

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