Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The Pacific Crest Endurance Ride near Ashland, Oregon in August


The Pacific Crest Endurance Ride will be held August 27 at Lily Glen Horse Camp near Ashland, OR

Diana Aldridge
1551 Wagon Trail Drive
Jacksonville, OR 97530
(541) 899-8351



The Rogue Riders endurance club's annual Pacific Crest Endurance Ride will be held on August 27.

The event features a 50 mile and a 25 mile course, both sanctioned by The American Endurance Ride

Conference (AERC), the national governing body for long distance riding. Also offered is a 10 mile Fun Ride, a great opportunity for new riders to get an introduction to endurance riding or to just enjoy the beautiful trails.

Endurance riding is a sport that has many levels of appeal. For some it is a highly competitive and challenging athletic endeavor. For others it is a recreational activity combining a camping trip with a trail ride. For yet others it involves a search to experience our American heritage, to discover the country as our forefathers once did--from the back of a horse. Because endurance riders recognize the prime importance of finishing the event on a sound and healthy horse, the motto of the association is "To finish is to win."

Additionally, a 30 mile and a 10 mile Ride and Tie course will be held, sponsored by the national Ride and Tie Organization. For Ride and Tie information contact Annette Parsons (aparsons@apbb.net)

Lily Glen horse camp is located in the Howard Prairie recreational area operated by the

Jackson County Park system. Camp is reserved for the Pacific Crest Ride event starting friday, august 26. Awards meeting and a breakfast for all participants will be on sunday, august 28.

Come enjoy a weekend of wonderful horse camping, a variety of scenic trails and the camaraderie of fellow horsemen. All ages are welcome, special recognition for junior riders. Proceeds from the ride will be donated to Charitable Equine Programs.

For more information/entry forms contact Diana Aldridge, ride manager.

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