Friday, March 11, 2011

Salt Squares - Skode's Horse Treats. Press release.

The premiere of the world’s first equine “Salt Square” now ensures that horses can receive their daily doses of salt in the form of highly palatable, no-fuss treat.

Created by the specialty low sugar/starch company, Skode’s Horse Treats, a serving size of these whole-food based nutrition bars delivers a full tablespoon of the critical electrolyte, sodium chloride.

When exercised intensely in hot, humid weather, a horse may lose up to four gallons of sweat per hour, according to recent research. In those four gallons, a total of 30 teaspoons of body salts may be lost.

“Many horse care providers struggle with making sure their horses – especially hard working horses -- consume enough salt,” says Lori Yearwood, president of Skode’s. “Now there is a healthy, easy way to do just that.”

Formulated in conjunction with Equine Naturopath and Master Herbalist Cassie Schuster of Texas, Skode’s “Salt Squares” are made from a guaranteed low sugar and starch combination of 100 percent natural, human-grade whole foods and Certified Organic herbs. They are then topped with a salt crust made of ancient, mineral-rich sea salt.

“I took the “Salt Squares” to the barn to feed Elvis,” says horse owner Betsy Novotny of Maryland. “He says they’re ‘Lip smackin’ good!’ ”
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