Sunday, December 04, 2011

Steven Hay, endurance equestrian - Full Article

December 4 2011

After years of horse racing, Steven Hay now can call himself a world-class equestrian.

Hay, a 21-year-old Halfmoon Township resident and Penn State junior, is traveling to United Arab Emirates to represent his country in the Young Rider World Endurance Championships on Saturday in Abu Dhabi.

As part of the five-member U.S. team, Hay will vie with riders from 35 countries on a 75-mile desert course. The sandy conditions will be new, but the distance will not. Hay, ranked second in the country for ages 14 to 21, has excelled in endurance races for nine years on trails up to 100 miles long.

He prefers hours in the saddle, going from one rest station to the next, to the horse shows of his earlier youth.

“What you use to prove yourself in endurance isn’t a couple of minutes in the ring,” he said. “You have hours to show what you can do...”

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