Tuesday, February 07, 2012

An endurance riding queen

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Jennifer Allen
Princeton Horse Examiner

“If I were in a bar fight I would want Brian Urlacher, Jared Allen, and Grace Ramsey.” Many people know the first two people; few outside of the endurance world know the third. And the author of the phrase is known by the community she lives in and surrounds herself by—Lori Windows.

Born in Canada, raised in Bloomington, taught in Indianapolis, working in Princeton, and living in Wyanet, IL, Windows wastes no time living her life. From an early age she always had to be busy, always had to be saving money for her first horse, Chico. A Mr. Fowler set her on horses and said “You’re not getting a saddle until you learn how to ride,” then would hide out in the woods to scare the horse and dump the rider.

Now sixty one, one would think Windows would start slowing down. Try telling that to her face and you will get an emphatic “No! Why would I want to slow down? So I can get old and decrepit?” She still works as a veterinary technician at Bureau Valley Veterinary Service (Princeton, IL), travels the world, dives with rays and sharks, and rides those horses and mules...

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