Tuesday, March 13, 2012

AERC Decade Teams are Now Official!

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At the March 2012 convention in Reno, NV last week, the AERC board of directors voted to approve a motion to make the Decade Teams an official award category!!!

This is great as it is a way to encourage riders to set long term goals for their horses in the sport of endurance. I think it’s great to have both short term and long term goals. Short term = what I want to accomplish this ride season. Long term = what I want to accomplish with the horse over the length of his career.

It has been great to see my idea take hold and become important to so many people. I think it’s wonderful that so many are choosing to make this a goal for themselves and for their horse. I never had any idea that the Decade Team idea would become popular enough to eventually become an official AERC award. For so many years I was told by many that the board would never vote to add on another award. What a nice surprise that they did, and that there was so much support for it!

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