Saturday, March 17, 2012

Back on the saddle: Guelph cowboy makes third attempt to go across country on a horse - Full Article

Rob O'Flanagan, Mercury staff Sat Mar 17 2012

GUELPH — Kimball Foord rides again.

Like his boyhood Western heroes, the Guelph horseman has a powerful hankering to cover the vast distances of the North American continent on the back of a horse.

Foord has tried twice before to traverse the country on a saddle. Both rides were foreshortened, the first time due to a strained personal relationship, the second time due to a badly strained knee.

On the first attempt he made it from the Guelph area at a slow gait nearly to the Manitoba border before he says he was tricked by an old friend into calling the whole thing off. He said he returned to help that friend battle a serious illness – a sickness the person had only contrived. He says he should have kept going; he might have made it to Mexico, and to freedom.

Hobbled by bad knees (as much by knee-replacement surgery lately as by the original arthritis), he is about to saddle up for another epic ride. He leaves Sunday from the Can-Am Equine Emporium in London, riding Bo, a Wyoming Mustang. Unlike previous rides, Foord has several equipment sponsors for his Canadian Long Ride for the Mustangs.

This time he’s riding in support of the preservation of North America’s dwindling wild Mustang population. He has no idea where his ride will end, but it could take him deep into the Canadian Wild West and as far as the Pacific Ocean...

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