Sunday, July 08, 2012

Kimery's biggest endurance ride yet coming up - Full Article

July 6 2012

Christina Kimery, 14, Bixby, who’s becoming well known for endurance rides, says her June 30 weekend was fabulous. She rode her mom’s little mare, Angel, in a 30-mile distance ride. Twenty-seven riders from four states started out at 4 p.m. at Camp Carl in a local ride sponsored by the Ozark Country Endurance Riders (AERC) which sanctions endurance rides in Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.

Angel, Christina’s teammate for the day, is a 13.3 fox trotter which means she’s 13.3 hands tall and a breed appreciated for stamina and known for an ambling gait known as the fox trot.

Every 12 miles the horses were thoroughly examined to make sure there were no physical problems. Christina’s mother Gail said two veterinarians were available in addition to several veterinarian students from Oklahoma State University.

The riders were taken care of as well. “We had fans, shade, and frozen Popsicles for the riders in camp,” said Gail.

Christina came in third place with a riding time of five hours. Angel won High Vet Score and Best Condition...

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