Friday, July 27, 2012

Previously injured Tevis rider to compete again with son - Full Article


Thomas was thrown from horse in 2008, broke pelvis, crushed bladder
By Amber Marra, Journal Staff Writer
It's been four years since Luanne Thomas was thrown from a horse in San Francisco, but she still gets nervous when she's in the saddle and things get a little shifty.

Even after completing last year's Tevis Cup, Thomas, of Cool, is still unsure when she's on a trail she isn't comfortable with.

"I still have little panic attacks if my horse stumbles. It takes everything I have to get through some of these narrow trails, even though the accident didn't happen on the trail," Thomas said. "I'm just nervous about waking up in the hospital again."

Thomas will ride in this year's Tevis Cup, but she won't do it alone. This will be the first time her son, Dillon, 13, has ridden the 100-mile endurance race, but he said he's ready, especially after placing first in the junior level of the American Endurance Ride Conference's west region.

"It's just the thrill of it, really. It's just the thrill of Tevis," Dillon said.

Thomas finished the race last year, a big accomplishment for her after taking a few years off from riding.

She did not finish her first attempt at the race and was eager to give it another go in 2008. Thomas was a member of the Sacramento Police Mounted Association for 16 years and decided to attend a training session being held in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park.

That's when Thomas's life was uprooted...

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