Tuesday, September 03, 2013

2013 Vettec AERC National Championship 100-Mile Trail Preview

3 September 2013

Wondering what the 100-mile trail for the 2013 Vettec AERC National Championship looks like? Below is a video preview of what you'll be riding over on September 22.

The first 48 miles retraces the 50-mile course of the Day 5 City of Rocks Pioneer Trails Endurance ride held on August 10. That 50-mile 'test ride' winning time was completed in 5:25. The 100-mile trail continues on to Castle Rocks State Park for a vet check, returns through City of Rocks National Reserve back to basecamp for another vet check, then loops through the National Reserve once more for the final loop, with the finish back in basecamp.

On the first half of the ride, horses begin at 5318' at base camp outside the National Reserve, and climb to 8513', with a total elevation gain/loss of approximately 6500'. The highest point on the final 50 miles is 7000'.

100-mile video:

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