Thursday, December 12, 2013

Opening Ceremonies at the North American Endurance Team Challenge

December 12 2013

Opening Ceremonies were held yesterday at the Black Prong Equestrian Center in Bronson, Florida, for the 2013 North American Endurance Team Challenge, hosted by the USA Southeast zone and organizer Helen Koehler.

World Endurance Championships are held every two years. On alternate years without a WEC, the USA hosts a North American Endurance Team Challenge. The ride is held as a 160-km 3* FEI event. Horse and rider each have to be qualified (with a previous successful FEI 1* 80 km and FEI 2* 120 km finish in the last 24 months, but not together.

The team zones are: The zones are Pacific North, Pacific South, Mountain, Central, North East, South East along with Canada East, Canada West and Mexico. Each zone can send up to 12 team members, determined by the highest point totals earned on the endurance rider ranking list. Each zone can then determine its 3 teams; and additional horse/riders can compete as individuals. Each team has a Chef d'Equipe, a team vet, and uniforms.

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