Friday, February 21, 2014

AERC Launches YouTube Video Channel

February 21 2014

The American Endurance Ride Conference announced the launch of its very own YouTube Channel.

Written and narrated by Susan Garlinghouse DVM and produced by Ken and Julie Herrera, the first four videos produced feature educational instructions on how to vet your horse at a vet check, how to pack a crew bag, and how to camp safely with your horse. While aimed at "newbies" in the sport, even seasoned riders will find useful tips in the videos.

Further education videos are nearing completion, and more are planned, including some by “Roving Reporter” Ken Herrera at the upcoming national convention, filming quick looks and goings-on at ongoing activities, vendors, parties and award banquets. "They're another great tool to demonstrate who we are," Garlinghouse said.

AERC's Youtube channel can be seen here:

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