Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Swashbuckle to support SIRE's special needs riders - Full Article

Posted: Tuesday, August 12, 2014 1:10 pm
By Community Reports

Ready for an old-fashioned movie experience? In a state-of-the-art theater?

Come watch Hidalgo at the Alamo Drafthouse in the Vintage and support SIRE’s special needs riders at the same time.

Of Hidalgo, Roger Ebert said, “Bold, exuberant and swash-buckling, Hidalgo has the purity and simplicity of something Douglas Fairbanks or Errol Flynn might have bounded through. Hidalgo is a throwback to a more innocent time when heroes and their horses risked everything just because life was so damned boring in the slow lane.”

SIRE patrons also will have the chance to hear from Darolyn Butler, championship endurance rider, who’s raced over some of the same harsh land portrayed in Hidalgo.

Darolyn won her first of many championships in 1984. Among other accomplishments in the 1990’s, she won the Gold Medal and Best Condition at the World Nature Games in Brazil. Around the same time, she acquired her Texas Trainer’s License and trained Arabians and a few thoroughbreds for the racetrack...

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