Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Best of the Best 100 Competition


A new AERC ride has just been sanctioned for 2019. You must have 5 - 100 mile rides SAME HORSE AND RIDER. One of those must be a top ten finish/completion. 2 of the completions may be Pioneer rides with all days completed, but may not count as the top ten completion. Lifetime records will count!

Our hope is that it will move around the country and will be held every 2-3 years. This will save from volunteer burnout and hope to get riders excited about setting goals and meeting them.

The US fielded the best teams when the old Race Of Champions was held, and it is our belief that it was because there were more 100 mile riders out there to choose from. We want to see that happen again.

The first Best of the Best 100 will be held in Ridgecrest, California on October 12 by ride manager Cindy Simcox. For more information contact Cindy at quadequine@wyoming.com or Becky Hackworth at bechack@yahoo.com.

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