Friday, November 11, 2016

Kristina Chesterman Memorial Ride Pays It Forward

November 9 2016
by Ride Manager JayaMae Gregory

What makes the Kristina Chesterman Memorial Ride so special isn't just the riders, the horses, the camp, the trail, or the prizes, or even the cause, but the feeling. It's going down the trail and knowing you are riding for something beyond just miles, points, or finishes. It's that feeling you get that you are keeping a memory alive, that feeling that we are all connected somehow, in our shared passion for horses with a girl who died too young.

It's also that feeling that we get knowing our entry fee is being used to help another someone, someone just like ourselves, from our own endurance family...

Sunday's Pay-It-Forward ride benefitted two of our fellow endurance riders this year (I couldn't pick just one recipient this year)...

Amber Clark is a local Northern CA rider and trainer who broke her back earlier this year after falling from a horse. She will be going through extensive rehab, and won't be able to train or ride for awhile. She has been an active member of the endurance community and a good friend to many, and we are proud to give a little Pay-It-Forward to her!

Kevin Myers left us earlier this year. He was such an influential human being, a talented ballet dancer, a runner, a rider, an advocate for the well being of horses, and progressive in his hoof care work with horses and the EasyCare company. A small donation is being made to Rusty James Toth, in Kevin's memory, which will go to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

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