Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Carol Federighi and Lily Creek Stetson win Vermont 100

July 15 2017

Carol Federighi and Lily Creek Stetson won the Vermont 100 on Saturday, July 15. Their ride time was 13:08. Finishing second in 13:57 was Bryna Stevenson aboard TEF Lunar Eclipse, one minute ahead of third place Wendy Mancini and Sterling. There were 16 finishers in 21 starters.

All 12 starters completed the 75 mile ride, with Meg Sleeper and Syrocco Cadence winning in a ride time of 9:24. Heather Hoyns and Marchesa Garbo finished second in 10:57. There was a 3-way tie for third between Donna Smith Curtin, riding Syrocco Gabriel, Jenn Fisher riding Noble Promise, and Patti Piazo, riding Vallen O Mine, in a ride time of 12:38.

Hanna Wightman and Syrocco Rabia won the Vermont 50 in 5:59, more than 40 minutes ahead of the next two, who tied for second place. Sue Greenall, riding Shenanigans, and Douglas Lietzke, riding GE Meniara finished together in a ride time of 6:40.10. 26 out of 32 starters completed the ride.

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