Monday, September 24, 2018

Lemmons and Reynolds Tie for Win in AERC National Championship 50

September 24 2018

In a nice display of horsemanship and sportsmanship, Erin Lemmons and Jeremy Reynolds tied for first place in the weekend's AERC National Championships, held in Biltmore, North Carolina.

Lemmons rode Tuscarora John and Reynolds rode Anydaynow,, finishing in 5:20. Both were also First Lightweight.

Third place and First Featherweight was Alisija Zabavska and Hidden Assets in a ride time of 5:25.

First Middleweight, finishing in 6:15, was Jane Rodriguez and Al Shama Shaazon. First Junior was Madeline Issacs and Shasta in 6:47. First Heavyweight was Don Meuten and FYF Wolverine in 7:13.

One can't help comparing last week's nearby World Equestrian Games Endurance fiasco to this well-run (by ride managers Stagg and Cheryl Newman) AERC National Championships event. Heather Reynolds commented with a bit of humor, "We were :45 mins away from the WEG course. The weather was similar and the trail more technical. The completion rate was stellar. Without stopping and restarting the ride and without canceling the ride, there was a 74% completion rate for the championship 50 mile ride and there were 22 finishers of the 24 starters on the Open 50."

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