Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Is Your Horse Tough? Try the new Idaho Ironhorse Award Challenge

October 15 2018

Northwest Ride Managers Jessica Huber, Regina Rose, Steph Teeter, and Mike and Jessica Cobbley would like to introduce something really special we are offering, starting in 2019.

Together, we will be offering the all-new Idaho Ironhorse Award. If you and your horse complete ALL 9 DAYS of Idaho Pioneer rides:

City of Rocks

Top O The World

Autumn Sun

You win! We are working on really cool, one of a kind swag for this amazing feat! Plus, each successful team will get a free entry for one day at each ride the following year. And, we are gonna blast your accomplishment on every single endurance related website, because- WOW!

No matter if you are riding 50s or LDs, we are going to celebrate this enormous accomplishment with you. You will get a very cool custom award for you and your horse.

Rules are: get a completion with the same horse, same rider, same distance, ALL NINE DAYS of City Of Rocks Pioneer, Top O The World Pioneer, and Autumn Sun Pioneer. That’s the whole challenge!

What Ifs:

Want to level up and switch from LDs to 50s mid-year? As long as you do all 9 days with one horse, you’ll get an award. Something comes up, like you get deathly ill or you break your arm, and someone catch-rides for you? Your incredible horse is going to win something cool if it still completes all 9 days.

So be prepared to bust out some killer horsemanship on some of the most beautiful and epic trails in the northwest. Watch for more information to come as the details mature, but do set your sights on this for next year.

There are no state/regional boundaries for the Idaho Ironhorse. No matter where you are from, if you ride all 9 days, you get some really cool custom awards, and free entries for the following year at all 3 rides.

Have a great winter, and we will see you on the trails.

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