Monday, January 21, 2019

Endurance Horse Podcast - Episode 14

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Wooohooo! That is so awesome! We are at over 5,000 downloads between Podbean and iTunes, I honestly remember being in awe when we reached 256 downloads! It seems the podcast has filled a niche for riders.

It is officially 20th of January, only by a few minutes, I stayed up late to get this podcast out to you! Sometimes, a girl has to do what a girl has to do- and that sometimes means the only quiet time in the house is after everyone, including the dogs, have gone to sleep! This time I admit, I think it is pretty neat to publish the podcast on my little brother's birthday. Cool that I still get to call him my little brother even though he is WAY taller than I am.

It is so exciting when we get to hear from young riders in the sport and in this episode we will hear from a young rider in southern Wisconsin who rides the trails with her awesome Momma & Ride Manager, we will hear for the first time from two Florida young riders who have a great support team around them in their families and in their 4H Club. In Episode 14 we have some nail bitter stories from two of our long time listeners, Jenny Chandler (New Zealand) and Darice Whyte (Canada). We will also hear from rider, blogger, Audrey Hager from May the Horse be with You. And, if you are reading this Courtney, Jim blames you for my interest in at least trying a short RT at least once!

Please do check out the links provided in the show notes as they have some great resources, whether you’d like to hear the Templeton Thompson song that Courtney sang through the woods, if you’d like to check out the Ride & Tie website or if you are interested in learning more about 4H Clubs, or maybe you’d like to read more stories by Darice Whyte at Twisted Tales, and read more stories by Audrey Hager, you can follow the links and get more content!

I also included flyers to the midwest rides that were mentioned, though I don’t know how long those links will last as the new 2019 flyers will likely replace them. As always, life is a journey, enjoy the ride! Send me some audio files and remember it’s as much about the journey as it is the destination.

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