Saturday, January 05, 2019

Endurance Rider Holly Corcoran Shines in a Sport She Loves - Full Article

Suzanne Bush - January 2019

Growing up in New Jersey, Holly Corcoran rode horses on her family’s farm. She loved horses and she loved trail riding. But she took some time off to raise her two children and eventually found herself back in the company of horses after a 15-year break.

“When I got back into riding, my kids were riding one horse and we did showing. My daughter was into the showing, but I was not excited about the horse show prospects.” She thought about what she really loved: trails. And her odyssey began. Really. It became an epic adventure!

Corcoran, who has a small farm in Effort PA, in Monroe County, joined a close-knit band of riders who compete against each other and against teams from all over the world in Endurance Riding. The competitions can be short (it’s all relative, of course) 25 or 30 miles, or longer, as in, 50 miles and 100 miles, during which horse and rider compete against other teams. But they’re also competing against their own stamina, heart and ability to stay focused when it’s dark and cold or sunny and brutally hot or rainy, snowy, misty or you-name-it. The footing isn’t always predictable. There are “craggly” places, as Corcoran describes them. But those are mere footnotes in the adventure...

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