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First Leg of Inaugural Idaho IronHorse Challenge a Boisterous Success

Three Pioneer Rides, Nine Days, One Amazing Challenge -- Are you made of Iron?

by Merri
June 15 2019

Challenging weather, beautiful scenery, tough desert and mountain trails: the first leg of the inaugural Idaho Ironhorse Challenge showcased a taste of what Idaho endurance riding has to offer at the City of Rocks Pioneer ride near Almo, Idaho on June 6-8.

Together with the July 26-28 Top O' The World Pioneer ride near Spencer, Idaho, and the Autumn Sun Pioneer ride October 10-13 near Gooding, Idaho, this 'Triple Crown' challenge idea was the brainchild of ride managers 'The Two Jessicas'.

"The idea was mine initially," said Autumn Sun ride manager Jessica Huber.  "Then [Top O' the World ride manager Jessica] Cobbley and I put it together as we marked trail across the desert!" Steph Teeter's City of Rocks Pioneer was the obvious choice for the first leg of the challenge.

One horse & rider, nine days, 465 miles

Following the conclusion of City of Rocks Pioneer, 27 horse and rider teams and/or riders are in contention for some version of the Idaho IronHorse crown.

The Idaho IronHorse

Four horse and rider teams completed all 3 days of 50's:
Lee Pearce & JAC Winterhawk
Merri Melde & Owyhee Shotgun Rider (owned by Steph Teeter)
Debbie Grose & Jackpot Jackson
Nance Worman & Second Chance Fance

The Idaho IronHorse LD
Fourteen horse and rider teams completed all 3 days of Limited Distance:
Joan Zachary & Chico
Carrie Johnson & Payback Daysea Duke
Catherine Cook & HMR Diamonds R Forever
Carol Delisi & DJ Restless Wind
Tonya Stroud-Oaks & Amara's Sonata
Terry Doyle & Benny
LuAnn Rod & Shakeel's Sparkle
Marlene Moss & SA Alamo
Stace Moss & Cerro Blanco
Donna Lacy-Bacon & Echcentric DPA
Katrin Levermann & Double Bey Latte
Clarissa Hale & SB Above The Law
Kaili Worth & Red
Sandy Smallwood & Ty

The Idaho IronButt
Six riders completed all 3 days on different horses, any distance:
Bill Hobbs & Segulls Jester/JV Remington
Dave Rabe & White Cloud/Rushcreek Okay/Cocamoe Joe
David Laws & Che Ole/Fancy Grace
Viginia Jenkins & TM Concealed Carrie/RA China Doll
Trinity Jackson & Ebony/Hope/Rusty
Christy Pogue & Serya Nyte Flyte/Stormy Mae

The Idaho IronTeam

Three horse and rider teams completed all 3 days of different distances:
Bobbi Walker & Dreamer
Valerie Jaques & BS Malabar Dark Demon
Shyla Williams & Bes Soumra Bint Karah

It's six weeks till the start of the second leg of the Idaho IronHorse Challenge at Top O' The World Pioneer. Stay tuned!

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