Thursday, April 15, 2021

25,000 Miles for Endurance Rider Suzanne Hayes

You can't buy, beg, or borrow respect in Endurance. You earn it. Suzanne Hayes has it.

by Merri
April 15 2021

25,000 miles - more than one trip around the earth - that's the AERC mileage mark Suzanne Hayes reached at the 2-day Antelope Island endurance ride on Antelope Island State Park in Utah last weekend.

This Arlee, Montana, horsewoman started endurance riding in 1965, and has competed in an endurance ride every single year since. She has consistently shown a competitive and calculating, yet honest and kind nature on the endurance trails, always putting the welfare of her horses first.

She's completed 91 100-mile rides and her mounts have earned 96 Best Condition awards. She has 9 Tevis Cup completions and has won the Big Horn 100 twice.

She has an AERC Hall of Fame Equine Award (2011), and Pard'ners Award (1997) with her horse Kootenai Zizzero that she traveled the world with and competed on internationally. Kooter earned 6340 endurance miles, 28 first places, 35 Best Condition awards, and 33 100-mile completions over 15 years of competition. He's just one of her outstanding horses over the years.

Fittingly, her 25,000 mile mark at Antelope Island happened aboard Sanstormm, the gelding she won last year's Big Horn 100 ride on 6 weeks after a riding accident left her with 10 healing broken ribs and 2 cracked vertebrae and a lacerated liver.

Susie took her 25,000th mile in stride, as humorously as she takes all her horse adventures. "Here's to another 25,000!"

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