Monday, January 03, 2022

Endurance Horse Podcast: Lynn Atcheson & Banner - Tevis 2021

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created by: Christina Hyke December 23, 2021

It is always a joy to get to talk with Tevis riders, and especially one that so many of our WARHORSE Endurance family were following on the Tevis 2021 online tracker. Can you imagine being 2 miles from the finish line and having to pull? That is what happened to our next guest, Lynn Atcheson of Washington State. Lynn’s horse, Banner has a distinctive look with his bright coloring and roached mane, I have admired his photos on facebook for sometime and all the beautiful images Lynn shares of him. I was surprised to learn that he is 21 years old! I was cheering for them watching the online tracker provided by Tevis. Their ride took a turn for the worse and the official miles they accomplished that day were just shy of 98. Can you imagine pulling that close to the finish line?

You are invited to listen in while Lynn and I chat about how she got into horses, endurance and her 2021 Tevis ride...

Listen here:

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