Thursday, April 21, 2022

Clay County woman saddling up for world’s longest horse race in Mongolia - Full Story

by Lauren Fox
April 20 2022

Abbi Bell will ride roughly 620 miles through the Mongolian wilderness on the backs of semi-feral horses this August as a contestant in the world’s longest horse race.

“It's raw, it's untouched and it makes you feel so small,” the Clay County resident recounted from her time riding through the Mongolian Steppe in 2019. “You’ll come around a corner, and there’ll be a herd of camels just sitting there eating grass, taking naps… You’ll be galloping and a band of wild horses will come up to you.”

Bell went to Mongolia for the first time in 2019 to participate in the 620 mile Mongol Derby. Inspired by the postal routes made by Genghis Khan, the race takes riders through the remote grasslands of Mongolia, riding semi-feral horses...

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