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South Carolina: Spring Ride in the Low Country

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8th May 2022
Race Report made with the assistance of Cheryl Van Deusen

Lodge, South Carolina, United States of America. Thursday 14, Friday 15 and Saturday 16 April 2022.

The race for the five positions on Team USA for the World Endurance Championships in Verona, Italy this October continued with three days of 160 km in the Low Country of South Carolina. Three days of CEI 1*, 2*, and 3* events were held so that riders may qualify more than one horse, given the few number of CEI events in the USA. Unlike most other countries in the world, most endurance rides are not CEI events. In the USA, there are very few CEI events making it difficult to qualify and increase the star levels of horses and athletes. Dr. Martha Mischeff and Dr. Iciar Tarancon Heras from Spain conducted hyposensitivity testing over the three day event. They were accompanied by Liaison Judge Francois Kerboul. It was a terrific learning opportunity for USA athletes and horses to experience the equipment, learn about the ranges, and see the changes over the distances competed.

The weather was variable with high heat and humidity on day one, followed by glorious weather on day two, and cooler weather with rain on day three. Heather Davis on Shyrocco Rimbaud won the first Day and earned Best Condition as well. Heather Davis is a frequent FEI competitor from Virginia. She commented “I am grateful that the Broxton trails have wonderful footing and are well marked. Because my horse is so steady, he endured the hot, humid 95 degree weather and finished fabulously strong. I couldn’t have asked more of him...”

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