Wednesday, July 06, 2022

66th Running of Oldest-Modern Day Endurance Ride Brings Equestrians From Across the Nation and Overseas to Sierra Nevada

At 5:15 am start on the morning of July 16th, 2022, the Western States Trail Ride (Tevis Cup) will officially kick off for its 66th birthday. Endurance equestrians from all over the world and the United States will compete in the 100 miles-24 hour event, named by Time magazine as one of the world’s top ten endurance events. Considered the founding ride for modern day endurance, this trail ride boasts supreme athletic performances from both equine and human participants, as well as team work, life changing stories and a gathering of the endurance community.

The trail begins near Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada, just east of Auburn, California, Endurance Capital of the World, where the finish line resides at the Gold County Fairgrounds. Strict veterinary criteria for the safety of the horses and challenging terrain add to the difficulty of this ride, contributing to the prestige of horse and rider teams that finish.

Historically started by area influencer and avid history buff Wendell Robie in the 1950s, this event brings partnerships of horse and rider teams together to test months and even years of rigorous training, to forge new friendships and to face Lady Luck herself in a quest for the coveted silver Tevis Buckle, held by an intrepid few the world over.

The Western States Trail Ride Board of Governors cordially invite you to cover this event either in person or with a provided press release post ride; media passes will be provided to those who inquire with the contact listed below. Alternatively we can submit stories geared toward your publication post ride with sports, humanitarian or inspirational geared themes that arise yearly with the Tevis Cup. Exclusive access to ride photography will be available and advice for locations to observe and meet the rider teams will be provided. We look forward to you joining us!

Contact information is as follows:
Western States Trail Ride
PR Chair Jenni Smith, ph. 925.876.4101

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