Tuesday, July 05, 2022

Meet Holly Corcoran: A Top U.S. Endurance Rider

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by Emily Smith, MS,
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In 2020, She was the No. 1-Ranked FEI Endurance Rider Worldwide; Her Horse also Topped FEI's List

While Holly Corcoran has a history with horses from before she could walk, riding had to wait until 1998 when the single mother was almost 40 and had the choice between purchasing two horses: a Morgan or an Arabian. She bought FG Pennylane, an 8-year old gray Arabian mare, who holds the special credit of getting Corcoran back in the saddle after years away.

Corcoran became involved in endurance in 2003 and undertook the arduous task of conditioning both herself and her horse, Vvalentino. She entered her first 25-mile ride that summer. “I ‘turtled' that race, which means I finished dead last, but I was smitten,” recalls the Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, resident. This experience propelled her life's journey into the thrilling sport of endurance...

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