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2023 Tevis Cup will start at Soda Springs

July 11 2023
Ride Director Chuck Stalley's Message

RIDE DATE: July 29 2023

The 67th Annual Tevis Cup will start with Base Camp at Soda Springs. The parking is going to be tight. If you have a choice, bring your smaller rig to the start. We ask that you do not arrive prior to Thursday morning, July 27, as our lease covers only Thursday – Saturday morning. Shade is nonexistent, so please BYO shade. Vendors, management, Friday lunch and dinner will be in the paved parking lot. Afternoon meetings and the Friday evening pre-ride meeting will be in the same area. Horse check-in will start at 1 pm and end at 5 pm. Rider check-in and Registration will open at 11 am.

The start of the ride heads south on Soda Springs Road and will be a controlled start for the first two miles until the paved road turns to a dirt road. This is the official “timed start” line, and all riders will be held there until 5:15 am when the trail will officially open. Riders will have their number recorded by the timers and must pass that line by 5:30 am at the latest to be officially started in the 67th Annual Tevis Ride.

Riders will ride to Lyon Ridge and Cougar Rock heading to the first vet check at Red Star Ridge. After Red Star, riders will travel down the road to Robinson Flat. You may be up to one hour faster into Robinson for the 1st one hour vet check, but you will need that time later as the trail is longer after Francisco’s due to high water levels in the American River. We will reroute you so that you stay on the north side of the river and cross on the Highway 49 Bridge to reconnect with the trail at No Hands Bridge for the familiar ride up to the Overlook finish in Auburn.

Lots of time and energy has gone into seeing that this Tevis Ride is as special and memorable as any past ride and look forward to seeing you in Soda Springs. Your rider packets will be posted online in a couple weeks; rule books, passes, checkpoint cards, will be mailed out about July 21 to riders with addresses in CA, OR, WA, NV and ID. All other riders will pick up their materials in the Tevis office in Auburn the week in advance of the ride.

Keep training! We will be ready for you on July 29th!

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