Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Endurance Horse Podcast: Gabriela Blakeley - Reflections on Tevis 2022

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July 18 2023

Episode 58 of Endurance Horse Podcast is being published on 17 July 2023

Hello and welcome to episode of Endurance Horse Podcast! We are back after a pause and today chatting with Gabriella Blakely of Oregon, who won the 2022 Tevis Cup with horse Pyro with a time of 17 hours 9 minutes. The Blakeley family is no stranger to the Tevis trail and has arguably created a family tradition and legacy around Tevis. Stay tuned because at a later date we will be sharing more information on a new book authored by Gabriela's daughter Samona Blakeley about Samona's journey to her 2019 win at Tevis. Her book is called Chasing Dreams: The True Story of the Youngest Female Tevis Cup Winner.

Sorry for the long pause in producing content, life has been busy & this momma was getting a bit tired! Now on with the show!

Without further ado, let's jump into episode 58 of Endurance Horse Podcast.


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