Monday, July 23, 2007

APEX Mini-Clinic at AERC National Championship

APEX Mini Clinic

APEX: A Partnership for Endurance Xcellence

AERC National Championship
Aug. 24, 2007
11-1:30 pm

I. APEX Concept: Troy Ball, APEX President
II. Progressive Conditioning: John Crandell III
III. Question and Answer w/ brown bag lunch: John, Stagg, and Troy
IV. Planning and Pacing for a Quality Ride: Stagg Newman

John Crandell, III 2006 US “Triple Crown” winner – the Old Dominion, the Tevis Cup and the National Championship, John is a dedicated international competitor and trainer who develops high performance strategies for the elite endurance athlete.
Stagg Newman Stagg has earned national championships and international gold medals. His horse, Ramegwa Drubin, was the 2003 Hall of Fame inductee; Stagg and his current horse, Jayel Super, have won Old Dominion four times (including 2007); and Stagg recently served as the 2006 president of the AERC.
Troy Ball National championship winner in other disciplines, Troy has completed her first year in endurance with two Best Conditions and a gold medal. She offers her fresh outlook and dedication to advancement as a founding member and president of the APEX team.

APEX Mission Statement
Partnering in training and academic advancement to achieve the highest performance levels in endurance horses, riders, and teams.

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