Monday, July 16, 2007

Big Horn 100: New basecamp a success

2007 Ride Report from Teddy Lancaster (Runningbear):

Antelope Butte is the new BH base Camp. Everyone loved it here. No dust, plenty of room and grass AND, LOTS cooler!!!! First loop was a lollipop up to a spot just past Horse Creek and looping back to have the riders doing the first and last 12-13 miles on the same trail. Second loop went up to Jack Creek (19 miles), looped 11 miles) around back to Jack Creek with the last 19 miles the same as the first going backwards. I do not think the ride is much easier, but we did not have the awful heat of the lower camps, and it was great to come back to Antelope Butte for Halfway.
Lyle was great as always, along with 2 other vets. No one seemed to have a problem finding trail.
Frankly, I LOVE this ride and if it stays up here I think it will still remain a "challenge" without the "worry".
All in all, I think the ride was a success and I sure hope it brings more back for nest year and the years to come.

See Bighorn 100 website for photos and results

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