Wednesday, April 23, 2008

First Class Educational Programme for Endurance

The discipline of Endurance is undergoing a full review of its rules. One of the key innovations introduced in new rules, which will come in force on 1 January 2009, is the emphasis put on the education of all officials involved in the discipline be they judges, technical delegates, and veterinarians.

A significant contribution towards this new development will be brought by the agreement which was recently concluded between the FEI and Hydra Properties of Abu Dhabi (UAE). Thanks to this support, which spans over two years – 2008 and 2009 – amounts to DHS 500,000 (CHF 134,000), a worldwide educational programme will be set up. Courses will be organized and the documents used in these courses will be thoroughly reviewed and updated to include a handbook on the discipline, CDs and DVDs.

Hydra Properties’ sponsorship is the very first of its kind and is quite unique in the sports world in general in that it is solely intended for use in education. It is key in that it comes at a crucial moment of the development of the sport and, if well used, will contribute towards setting the foundation for proper growth.

Hydra Properties, in conjunction with the Abu Dhabi Sports Council, has been a strong supporter of FEI competitions within the UAE. Hydra Properties is an organisation which is behind some of the most prestigious residential and business developments in the UAE. The FEI is proud of its association with Hydra Properties and sees it as a fantastic opportunity but also as a challenge to develop the professional level of Endurance.

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