Friday, April 11, 2008

Refrigerator Recall Includes Some Horse Trailer Units

by: Edited Press Release
April 08 2008, Article # 11633

A recall of certain refrigerators manufactured by Dometic includes units used in some horse trailers, according to a manufacturer's notice. The defective refrigerator units were manufactured between April 1997 and May 2003 and are designed for use in recreational vehicles.

The refrigerators pose a safety hazard, due to the possibility that a fatigue crack can develop in the boiler tube. This can allow the release of pressurized coolant solution. If this solution is exposed to an ignition source, it can result in fire under certain circumstances.

To determine whether your refrigerator is included in this recall, find the model and serial number by opening the unit's door and looking for the sticker attached to the side wall of the interior.

The potentially affected units have the following model numbers:

* NDR1062
* RM2652
* RM2662
* RM2663
* RM2852
* RM2862
* RM3662
* RM3663
* RM3862
* RM3863

The units have serial numbers beginning with the following combinations:

* 713xxxxx through 752xxxxx
* 801xxxxx through 852xxxxx
* 901xxxxx through 952xxxxx
* 001xxxxx through 052xxxxx
* 101xxxxx through 152xxxxx
* 201xxxxx through 252xxxxx
* 301xxxxx through 319xxxxx

The affected units require immediate service. Continued use could pose a safety hazard. Call 888/446-5157, or go to to confirm if your refrigerator is included in the recall and receive additional instructions.

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