Thursday, February 12, 2009

Chase TheWind AH Named 2008 Arabian Horse Association Distance Horse of the Year

Release: February 12 2009
By Hilary Nixon

The Arabian Horse Association (AHA) is proud to name purebred Arabian gelding Chase TheWind AH (El Paso x Wind Sonja), owned by Suzanne Ford Huff of Gardnerville, NV, as its 2008 Distance Horse of the Year. Chase received this prestigious acclaim for his outstanding accomplishments in endurance; he completed nine of nine starts during 2008 and received Best Condition twice.

As the winner of the Distance Horse of the Year Award, Chase TheWind AH's name will be engraved on a perpetual trophy donated by the Arabian Horse Owners Foundation and designed by Joe Staheli. Huff will also receive an engraved plaque.

In 2008 alone, Chase earned himself several accolades, including the Nevada All-State Trail Riders Triple Crown Award, finishing his 15th 100-mile one-day ride. There was more than a six-hour difference between Chase and the second-place finisher. Chase also took third at the Virginia City 100-Mile and first place and Best Condition at the High Desert 50-Mile Ride in Fallon, NV.

"Chase did great in 2008, but has been competing every year since 1997. He has accumulated an outstanding record of 15 wins, 35 top 10s, and nine Best Conditions in the featherweight division. He has accumulated 3,985 endurance miles," said Huff. "He has won 10 AHA Regional Purebred Championships, four reserve championships and two top 10s. He has officially finished 14, 100-mile one-day rides, including three of the toughest rides in the country—Swanton, Bighorn and Tevis. He earned a top 10 at Tevis in 2000 as a 10-year-old and then returned at 17 and took third. He has accumulated $25,000 in sweepstakes prize money," adds Huff.

Huff counts 2006 as one of Chase's best years because he was awarded the American Endurance Ride Council National 100-Mile award and the AHA High Point Award in the 100-mile category.

"What makes this horse and his accomplishments even more amazing is that he does it all with an old, traumatic hock injury. Chase is tough in body and mind. He is one of those special horses that just keeps on giving," said Huff.

For more information on AHA distance programs, visit or contact AHA at (303) 696-4531.

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Unknown said...

Congratulations to both Suzanne and Chase. They are a real team and serious competitors. It is a privilege to know them both. Way to go, you two!