Sunday, February 08, 2009

Jay's guideline charts for FEI qualification

The following graphics are flow charts assembled by Jay Randle (Australia) to help riders understand the steps involved in qualifying riders and horses for FEI competitions.

disclaimer: These are NOT official FEI documents, please consult the FEI rules for full qualification rules

Note from Jay: "In Australia, the AERA rules override the FEI rules, so the big difference is that although the FEI says that a horse must do either 1) 2 x 40km rides PLUS 2 x 80km rides, OR 2) 3 x 80km rides, BEFORE it can start in an FEI* ride, our Aussie rules state that a horse must do 3 x 80km rides first. And our rules state that a rider MUST do 2 x 40km rides AND 3 x 80km rides before we can move onto FEI.

So, that's really the only difference here (between AERC and AERC riders)."

FEI Horses Flowchart

FEI Riders Flowchart

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