Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Farewell to Dream Weaver

Karen's farewell
Farewell to my beautiful chestnut gelding, Dream Weaver

Dream Weaver 03/17/90 - 03/01/09

Dream Weaver was my first real horse and we had a lot of special times together. First horses are always special, aren’t they?

For the last few years Weaver has been living in South Dakota with Barney and Linda Fleming, getting to be a horse and enjoying the good life – no real work, just play.

I was so happy last year that I got to go to South Dakota and visit and ride Weaver for a few days. We had a great time and he was just as he always was – you could get on him and expect him to behave like a good boy. I was so looking forward to going and visiting with Weaver and getting to ride him at the upcoming endurance clinic that Barney is putting on in a few weeks. But, it wasn’t to be.

I knew when Barney called that something was wrong. He said that Weaver had not come in to feed at 5:30 a.m. that morning. Weaver was looking good at dinner the evening before. Barney found Weaver passed on with no signs of a struggle or anything wrong and nothing was broken so it appeared that he had a quick and painless death. Weaver would have been 19 in a couple more weeks. Barney said that he buried Weaver with an XP shirt. I’m sure he knows what that was and is somewhere galloping and kicking up his heals going down a historic trail in heaven, stopping of course to eat as that was his second favorite thing in the world to do!

dream_weaver_endurance_horse Farewell to my beautiful chestnut gelding, Dream WeaverI got Weaver when he was three years old, a beautiful chestnut (mostly CMK breeding) gelding for $500. He was unbroken and had grown up living in a pasture with a herd of horses. He was such a sweet natured and uncomplicated horse that I had no trouble at all training him. We did everything together and even as a four and five year old he had the maturity of a horse several years older. I could trust him in any situation. We chased cattle, we went to playdays and I showed him.


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