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France CEN and FEI Star Qualification developments

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(the following is a translation from French to English using Google translation tools:)

Some words to keep you informed of developments in the transitional post-meeting held in the FFE and Deauville in early March.

The meeting organized by Dominique Faye in the presence of Ian Williams, at the FFE has achieved equivalency between CEN 2008 and IEC 2009. To be more clear, and knowing that the riders' skills are acquired in life, we obtained that:
- The qualifications in 2008, for CEN over distances ranging from 90 km to 109 km speed free, are now equivalent to the qualifications of the course said "novice" as defined in Regulation transitoire2009. This equivalence can participate in organized CEI1 * this year.
However this provision is very little English: indeed, when they qualify Amateur or Pro 1 GP (90 km free speed) the French riders have participated in at least three tests at imposed speed, one of them is an ordeal Amateur or Pro 1 (90 km speed required). However, these conditions alone are already sufficient for a CEI1 *, as the transitional 2009.
- The skills practiced in 2008 on CEN to a distance of 110 km or more, free speed, become equivalent to a qualification test on a CEI1 * Transitional Regulation 2009 and to participate in competitions CEI2 * this year.
In summary a qualification on a CEN2 * or * CEN3, acquired in 2007 or 2008, will participate in a CEI2 * in 2009.

In Deauville, on 9 and 10 March, ahead of the 40 representatives of Nations Group 1 and 2 of the FEI, in the presence of Alex McLin, Secretary General of the FEI and David Holmes, Director of Sports of the FEI, I held a conference on the challenges of the new FEI rules and the transitional 2009. I highlighted the difficulties created by the application of transitional rules for particular qualifications.
Some points in this transitional place indeed at odds with many European countries, especially those who manage their tour officially endurance within the federation through a system of progressive qualifications.
If the recognition and the level of equivalence of CEN 2008 and IEC 2009 have reached a consensus, as was the case during the previous meeting in the FFE, it has not been the same for the recognition of equivalence tests CEI2 * 119 km of 2008 with tests CEI2 * 2009. If one refers to the settlement therefore transitional as it exists, it is necessary for horses qualified CEI2 * two years to qualify at the same level in 2009.

It should be noted that apart from France and brilliant Dominique Faye, and apart from Belgium and the clear and powerful of its secretary general, no representative of the countries concerned by the negative effects of regulation on transitional 'career development of horses and riders during qualifying, took part in the debate.

The presidents of the two groups eventually joined forces to request that the complaint stated by the speakers, and tacitly approved by all, can find a favorable outcome, but fails to the credibility of the FEI. David Holmes is then intervened to explain that it was difficult to change the rules at this stage. The President of the Group 2 spokesman groups involved, concluded by proposing to put this issue on the agenda of the next FEI office provided at the end of March to find a solution, in the interest.

I hope this brought to your knowledge have the merit to shed light on the current situation and you will wait in the stillness of the findings of the FEI office at the end of this month.

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