Saturday, August 29, 2009

42nd Annual Virginia City 100 to be held September 19 2009

Put on by NASTR, this year's 100-mile Virginia City trail consists of three loops (51, 26, 23 miles), each returning to base camp in Virginia City. There will be an outlying vet check on the first and last loop, with (2) one hour hold vet checks at base camp. Crews will have easy access to meet riders along the trail. The trail covers hard pack and rocky terrain on historical wagon (now jeep) roads with some sandy single track footing and several mountain climbs. There is also pavement through town and across highways. Riders are responsible for their own safety while crossing paved roads. We do advise the use of pads and/or easy boots. Elevations range between 5000 and 7800 feet. Each loop will be marked with a different color of ribbon, along with chalk and glow sticks (after dark). Water & hay will be provided on the trail and at the two outlying vet checks. The ride will start in front of the Delta Saloon at 5:00 a.m., Saturday.

NASTR, the Nevada All-State Trail Riders, Inc was organized in April 1968, for the purpose of preserving historic trails in Nevada by sponsoring and promoting horseback riding on these trails.

In 1997, the IRS approved NASTR as a non-profit 501(c) (3) corporation.

NASTR organizes three endurance rides a year known as the NASTR Triple Crown: the Nevada Derby 25/50 held in Palomino Valley, Nevada, the NASTR 30/50/75 held in Dayton, Nevada and the Virginia City 100 held in Virginia City, Nevada.

NASTR takes part in multi-use trail promotion and preservation in Northern Nevada and Northern California. NASTR has representation on the Nevada State Ad-Hoc recreation trails committee and participates in Nevada state recreation trails planning. The organization also works with multiple governmental agencies and private land owners in keeping access open to multi-use recreational trails.

Fund raising activities include an annual Stallion Service Auction, a Trail Trials event and raffles with donated prizes.

NASTR’s volunteer work includes trail building and maintenance on public land. Cooperative work projects and partnerships have been established with:
Washoe Lake State Parks trail building and multiple trail projects and maintenance
Washoe County State Parks – Jones/Whites Creek Trail maintenance
Lyon County – Dayton Rodeo Grounds
Carson City – Fuji Park, Silver Saddle Ranch, Lakeview Trailhead and trails planning
Carson Rivers Ranches – Fort Churchill State Park trail building and multiple trail projects
Tahoe Rim Trail – trail building and maintenance
Western States Trail Foundation – trail preservation and maintenance
Eldorado Equestrian Trail Foundation – trail building support
US Forest Service – Cooperative agreement for trail maintenance
Bureau of Land Management – multiple trail projects and agreements

This year's Virginia City ride is dedicated to Al Beaupre, who lost his battle to Alzheimer's on July 28, 2009. Al was a recipient of 20 Virginia City buckles, getting his 2000 miles in 2005. He also collected 8 Tevis buckles, and over 11,000 AERC miles along the way.

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