Monday, August 31, 2009

Trail beckons riders back home

Leader Post

By Ron Petrie, The Leader-PostAugust 31, 2009

When the horizon gives way to the coal mines, oil wells and power plants of the province's muscle corner, never will the deep southeast of Saskatchewan look sweeter than on this long weekend.

Sweet as the taste of victory, and sweet as the sorrow of final goodbyes.

For 40 humans and 40 horses, "Northward Ho" has been the trail call now for 133 days and nights. After crossing the U.S. border, likely on Friday or Saturday, and pulling back the reins one last time in Estevan, the riders will have completed an extraordinary horseback adventure unknown since frontier days, a journey up the gut of America, through Colorado, Nebraska and the Dakotas, roughly 2,000 miles that started with a touch for good luck at the Mexican border wall at Santa Teresa, N.M., on April 21.

"These are some of the most magical people you will ever meet, and I doubt there will be many dry eyes when it's all over," says trail boss Tom Seay of his riding companions, both city slickers and veteran cowboys who have forged friendships for life under the starry skies and across the vast expanses.


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