Saturday, June 19, 2010

ACTHA riders break Guinness world record for Worlds Largest Competitive Trail Ride...

June 17 2010

1700 riders raise $70,000 in one day for horse charities nationwide

The American Competitive Trail Horse Association is proud to announce that the annual "Ride for the Rescues" benefit trail ride held across the country over the weekend broke a Guinness World Record for the world's largest trail riding competition. Hundreds of dedicated ACTHA volunteers, and approximately 1700 riders raised almost $70,000 during this benefit ride, which will be used to benefit horse charities and rescues nationwide.

ACTHA, is a true leader in the horse industry for recognizing and celebrating the value of the great American trail horse. Each year, ACTHA sponsors hundreds of rides across the country in an enjoyable and casual 'six mile - six judged obstacle' format. The goal is to provide a casual, fun venue to showcase horses of all breeds while at the same time raising funds for equine charities. To date ACTHA, with the support of their affiliates, has raised more than $300,000 to support equine charities.

For this ride, Tom Scrima, general manager of ACTHA, called on volunteers to coordinate the largest ride the group has sponsored. About 700 volunteers and 1700 horse and rider teams met the call, and arranged "Ride for the Rescues" competitions at locations across the country on June 13th. Scrima said, "The 'Ride for the Rescues' marks a new era for horses and humans. We showed that coast-to-coast horse owners are willing to step up to the plate with their equine companions to help support horse rescue. The goal of ACTHA is to reduce the number of at-risk horses by creating 'jobs' for America's horses and equines. This ride was the first, giant step toward a day when there are no homeless or jobless horses in America".

ACTHA Founders Karen VanGetson and Carrier Scrima, are proud of the fasted growing equestrian sport in the country , where the great American trail horse is 'not JUST a trail horse anymore'

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