Monday, June 07, 2010

Wade's road to recovery - Full Article

Kim Woods

June 8, 2010

GOOD endurance horses have an innate toughness and will to win. So, too, does Meg Wade.

Meg, 48, a dominant force on the global endurance scene, has lived by the motto “fitter, further, faster”.

She has spent a lifetime striding ahead of the pack, but now takes life one step at a time.

A fall from her competition horse during a southern NSW endurance ride in April last year left her in a coma. She was just 10km from the finish of the 110km race at Tumbarumba and within sight of a checkpoint.

“I cannot remember the accident – it was muddy, the horse must have shied at some water and I came off,” Meg says.

Although wearing a helmet, she struck her head with such force it resulted in a brain injury.

“I still have the helmet – it has a bit of a dirty mark on the back, but the foam inside is compressed to half its width,” Meg says. “Dr Trish Annetts was among the first people on the scene and she saved my life.”

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