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2010 WEG (Selection crewing "HELP")

A Horse Named Monk -

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I love getting those telephone calls from Lindsay when I can hear the smile in her voice. "MONK and I are at the top of Barnaby Hill", "His heart rate dropped from 220 to 90 in 30 seconds" "Why does he not get tired?"

This last weekend was MONK's last back to back workout before the WEG selection ride near Bend Oregon. MONK went to Lindsay's moms house in Napa so she could ride him a little. She had to do his health certificate and coggins and will do a trace trim on him so he looks like a endurance horse.

Lindsay gets her official DVM license this Friday, the 11th of June. She will celebrate on the 13th with family and friends. I will pick up MONK at that time and bring him back to the ranch for a two week rest with some serious streaching before we head for Bend Oregon.

We have to be in camp in near Bend Oregon before noon on the 25th. As explained to me we will do the ride on Saturday. Horses will be grouped in 4 or 5 which will ride as a team for the prescribed 80 miles. Sounds like we have 14 riders that are qualified to ride for the West Coast with a few more horses. They are setting up the vet checks similar in distance as to what will be at the WEG in September. Team members are supposed to work as a team during each leg of the ride and be able to maintain the requested speed, which my best guess will be faster then 13mph.

The 4 or 5 horse team will come into the vet check all at once so they need a massive amount of crew persons to help cool the horses etc... Volunteer's will be welcome and would be a good opportunity to check out some of the best horse flesh in the USA. If interested I am sure they will have a crew meeting on the 25.

The final selection is set for Danville Ill, on August 12, 13 and 14th as I understand. Most of the riders will need help crewing at that location also. MONK's crew will be very limited because of the distance and I am sure that applies other riders as well. So, if we have some fans on the East coast and you can help at the final selection please let us know....

MONK's blog is approaching 6000 hits, and that is in just one year, amazing...

Will post some pictures of MONK's racing trim when I get them.

Update, 12 noon on June 8th... MONK's midwest fans have vowed to attend the final selection ride in droves....

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